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David Campbell
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Performance types:
  • MC
  • Host
  • Solo
  • Full Band
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    acta connects you with event organisers who contract and pay you directly, guaranteeing transparency & efficiency.


    Deal directly with organisers using acta's transparent and streamlined booking process.

    • Direct Communication, Contracting & Payment
      • Receive key event details with every enquiry
      • Communicate directly with organisers - no middle man
      • Handle contracts and invoicing directly with organisers
    • Clear Fee Structures
      • List performance fees directly on your profile
      • Receive 100% of your negotiated fee
      • acta convenience fee paid separately by organiser
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    Cut through with your marketplace profile

    Create and customise your talent profile exactly the way you want. acta gives you the freedom to display key information such as performance fees, service types and location, as well as other content such as images, videos and even past event details. Organisers can also choose to download a succinct profile summary, for easy sharing with organisers or other team members.


    acta takes the headaches out of those stressful administrative tasks, so you can focus on what you do best.

    Easy Negotiations
    In-platform chat allows direct communication with organisers.
    Fast & Secure Contracting
    Online exchanging of Polygon smart contracts ensure fast and secure transactions.
    Simple Invoicing
    Get paid the way you want, on your terms and directly into your account.
    • Content Management
      • Keep your event information and documents together in one place
      • Invite your team into bookings to assist with coordination
    • Notifications & Tracking
      • Instant email and push notifications
      • Automatic reminders for invoices and event documents
      • Timeline tracking keeps all parties informed every step of the way
    • Automated Contracts & Invoices
      • Standard template contracts and invoices that automatically populate with your details
      • Ability to customise your contracts & invoices to include your own T&Cs
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    Getting booked couldn’t be easier

    Flexible contracting and invoicing options allow you to engage with organisers on your own terms. With all logistical information and event documentation centralised, and automatic prompts for all involved parties, the administrative booking headaches you’ve gotten so used to are history.


    Protected by Polygon smart contracts, you get paid directly and on your own terms for every engagement.

    • Smart Contract Protection
      • Blockchain technology provides contractual security
      • Know exactly what you are committing to
    • Stripe Integration
      • Connect your Stripe account to receive express payments
      • Pre-authorisation ensures you get paid every time
    • Public Liability Insurance
      • Free public liability insurance provided for all talent when booked through acta

    Deal directly with organisers

    acta guarantees full transparency in every interaction, keeping you in the driver’s seat at all times.

    talent rosters

    Manage multiple talent profiles

    acta's roster feature provides support for talent agencies and other representatives responsible for more than one talent profile. Easily add, edit and remove talent profiles - all with a single user account.

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